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Rijeka, Croatia – The picturesque port of Rijeka is set to become a bustling hub of maritime activity as it hosts the 25th annual Fiumanka Race. This internationally renowned sailing event, held from the 6th and the 16th of June, will attract a multitude of sailboats and sailors to the northernmost Adriatic bay. During the regatta, Rijeka becomes a lively destination for the promotion of nautical tourism and sailing in Kvarner, with numerous visitors enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of this coastal and maritime city.ICARUS Sports will bring the excitement of this milestone event to sailing enthusiasts worldwide through the series “Inside Sailing”. The Fiumanka Race, now in its 25th year, continues to celebrate the rich maritime heritage of Rijeka, captivating audiences with its vibrant blend of competition and camaraderie.

Since its inception in 2000, when 114 sailboats first graced the waters off Rijeka, Fiumanka has grown into one of Croatia’s premier regattas. This unique event draws sailing enthusiasts, media, and business leaders from across the region, enhancing Rijeka’s status as a major maritime destination and the largest port in Croatia. A remarkable aspect of the Fiumanka Race is its accessibility. Participation is entirely free, welcoming all with a sailboat to join. Registered participants receive complimentary mooring in the city port, offering a prime location in the heart of Rijeka. This inclusivity has cemented Fiumanka as a beloved symbol of the city, fostering unity and a shared passion for the sea.

Christoph Stadler, Business Development Manager at ICARUS Sports, shared his thoughts: “Fiumanka has become an integral part of Rijeka’s identity. We are thrilled to participate in this historic race. For its 25th edition, ICARUS Sports will capture and share the dynamic highlights, ensuring that sailing fans everywhere can experience Fiumanka.”


Text Credits: ICARUS Sports
Photo Credits:  Fiumanka Race