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Nobody was expecting such an amazing outcome! The AFRICA ECO RACE 2024 concluded on the 14th of January. Everybody was thrilled with the show that the riders and the drivers offered while navigating through the sand, dust, and deserts of Africa. It was the second consecutive year that ICARUS Sports was part of the success, delivering the news all over the world!

The AFRICA ECO RACE 2024 started from Monaco, with the finishing line being thousands of miles away, in Dakar, Senegal. Despite numerous challenges, the riders and drivers managed to overcome every obstacle. They had to traverse the dunes of Mauritania and Morocco, known for their size, height, and unpredictability. Their skills were tested to the maximum, but the honor of finishing one of the most challenging races motivated them until the very last day. ICARUS Sports played a crucial role in the success, delivering news about the race and offering motorsport enthusiasts the unique experience of the event.

Nikos Koutroupis, Business Development Manager at ICARUS Sports, proudly stated: “We are very happy to be the partners of the 15th edition of AFRICA ECO RACE. This is a unique motorsport race held in the demanding and challenging grounds of Africa. Every year, riders and drivers from all over the world offer a spectacular show, which ICARUS Sports captures and shares with everyone who loves motorsports the same way the riders and drivers do.”

Text & Photo Credits: Africa Eco Race 2024