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“I wanted freedom, open air, and adventure. I found it on the sea.” – ICARUS Sports renewed its collaboration with the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa 2023 for the 3rd edition of this amazing sailing event.

A whole month of sailing around the Italian peninsula. Embark on a unique international tour, tracing the enchanting Mediterranean coasts and iconic lighthouses adorning the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Brace yourself for a series of captivating multi-disciplinary sailing events, showcasing an exclusive Italian concept. Every stage will grace the shores of unique Italian coastal resorts and Mediterranean landscapes well-known for their breathtaking beauty.

Once more through salty and windy conditions, ICARUS Sports’ crew of experienced seafarers is setting sails for an Italian adventure. The team will be responsible for the production of raw content, highlights and sponsor videos while assuring the distribution of the content to International Media Outlets and Digital Platforms. Additionally, highlights from the venues will be included in the monthly TV show, Inside Sailing, meaning guaranteed exposure in more than 160 countries.

Nikos Koutroupis, Business Development Manager at ICARUS Sports, stated, ”This year we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of a fruitful alliance with the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa. With an unwavering shared passion for the sport of sailing, we take great pride in our meaningful contribution to the enduring success of our Italian partners.”

Photo Credits: Marina Militare Nastro Rosa