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ICARUS Sports travelled to Saudi Arabia to film the 2nd edition of the unique Rally Jameel – the first Saudi Arabian women-only rally covering 900 kilometres !

The event takes place between 7 and 11 March and features 41 teams from 15 countries around the globe.

The first women’s navigation off-road rally in Saudi Arabia and the region is all about testing the participants’ navigation and driving skills. The riders will cover between 300 and 500 kilometres per day in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Saudi Arabia and will also pass some of the most important cultural sites in the country.

The ICARUS Sports team of experienced racers will be responsible for video production and distribution of the footage for TV use as well as daily highlight videos for digital use. In addition, highlights of the event will be shown on the monthly TV show Gearing Up, guaranteeing exposure in more than 160 countries. ICARUS Sports will also produce a documentary in English and Arabic after the event.

Christoph Stadler, Business Development Manager at ICARUS Sports, commented: ‘We are proud to be on board for this special event. The sporting aspect and the challenges of driving and navigating in the desert are only one side of the event. Equally important is that the event is a showcase in empowering women in Saudi Arabia. The feedback of the participants after the first edition in 2022 was overwhelmingly positive and that it succeeds in its purpose is proven by the large increase in entrants for this year’s Rally Jameel.”
Photo Credits: Rally Jameel