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Sailing has been part of our very fabric since our very beginning. The future of the sport relies in the hands of these talented young athletes, we’re proud to be part of their efforts, and strongly support youth sailing events.

What better way to do so rather than the top youth sailing event of the year, the Youth Sailing World Championships in Oman, where 350 of the world’s youngest and brightest competed across six different disciplines over five days of windswept racing. The most promising young sailors gathered in Mussanah, and ICARUS Sports’ experienced team of seafarers joined them to help fix the ropes and adjust the sails.

ICARUS Sports sharing a deep-rooted passion and in depth knowledge for and of sailing was onboard and carried out the production and distribution throughout the event, by providing material for TV usage and short features for digital usage. Highlights from the event will also be included in the monthly TV Show, Inside Sailing, meaning guaranteed exposure in more than 160 countries.

Manos Kampas, Sales Director at ICARUS Sports stated: ‘’We are very happy to have been part of the Youth World Sailing World Championships, and playing a part in the exceptional efforts and accomplishments of these promising young athletes; and in one of our spiritual homes, majestic Oman’’.


Photo Credits: Youth Sailing World Championship