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Put your helmets on because ICARUS Sports is partnering up with the Jet Ski World Series.

Hair-raising to say the least, the trusted steeds deliver up to a whopping 500 horsepower, going from 0-100 km/hr in under 3.8 seconds, whilst being able to make sharp 30 degree turns at 140 km/hr; certainly putting the ‘Jet’ in Jet Ski. Wearing no protective body, grappling with the waves, and fighting out with gravity, no wonder it is often said that the riders are some of the most courageous athletes in the world.

ICARUS Sports will assist the series by sharing this thrilling sport with audiences around the world.

Anna Cheng, Sales & Account Manager at ICARUS Sports China, comments, “One thing is for certain – we definitely are not boring! ICARUS Sports has made quite a name for itself for keeping its finger on the pulse of global sporting developments and bringing some of the most exciting sports to screens across the globe, and it does not get more exciting than the Jet Ski World Series!

Photo Credits: Jet Ski World Series