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Once again, ICARUS Sports is on the ground in the majestic country of Morocco for the 205 Trophée.

Created in 2007, the 205 Trophée is a raid, not a race, putting both the drivers and their trusted steeds to the test. And what trustier steed than the legendary Peugeot 205, in which the raid is exclusively carried out in.

But, above all, humanitarianism is at its core, aiming to support those most vulnerable in society. The 205 Trophée opts for small Moroccan associations with the greatest of needs, with the associations themselves drawing up their own list of needs so as to optimize the relevance and efficacy of the aid.

ICARUS Sports will be in the passenger seat and will be responsible for the production and distribution of daily highlights videos for digital usage throughout the event and of a wrap-up documentary following the conclusion of the event. In addition, highlights from the event will be included in the monthly TV Show, Gearing Up, meaning guaranteed exposure in more than 160 countries.

Poppy Siasou, Sales & Account Manager at ICARUS Sports states, “We like motorsports, but we like motorsports with a purpose even more. ICARUS Sports shares a mutual passion for motorsports coupled with a matching sense of social responsibility, so we are honoured to be a part of the 205 Trophée”.