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They might be small, but they sure are fast! ICARUS Sports will be back on the tarmac for the one-of-a-kind PICK LUX COLA PLUS ‘N LIGHT (17th – 19th September). Taking place at the beating heart of the city of Patras; already host to one of Europe’s largest carnivals, PICK Patras shares a similarly festive feel.

Exciting motoring action, juxtaposed against the urban landscape, PICK Patras promises to be a unique festival of speed.

ICARUS Sports will be buckling up and will be responsible for the production and distribution of material for TV usagedaily highlights videos for digital usage, and a documentary following the chequered flag. Lastly, highlights from the event will be included in the monthly TV Show, Gearing Up, meaning guaranteed exposure in more than 160 countries.

Video Credits: PICK Patras