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Dear Partners and Friends,

2020 was a particularly challenging year for us all, forget the myriads of postponements and cancellations that took place in the sports industry; we as dedicated sportsmen and sportswomen know that good health is above all.

We at ICARUS Sports made a conscious decision during the outbreak of COVID-19 to stand fast and continue to deliver on our mission; ‘capturing the passion and sharing the experience’ is not merely a tag line but our mission statement. Our team remained as is, fully operational, even travelling across the globe and covering many exciting events, despite the obvious difficulties.

We reached out to our valued partners and helped them along the way to navigate the ‘murky terrain’. We expanded our media network immensely to further serve our partners with international exposure, and we will be entering 2021 stronger than ever. ICARUS Sports’ media content was constantly enriched with hot of the press content from some of the world’s most exciting sporting events, assisting broadcasters and exuding certainty in uncertain times.

As I said back in April, we treat this situation like a marathon, and we will persevere and carry on till the finish lineand we are almost there! 2021 will surely be a year to remember.

We wish you and your loved ones a clean bill of health and a swift return to sporting events.

Happy New Year!

Jason Georgaris – CEO at ICARUS Sports