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ICARUS Sports’ brand promotion department recently teamed up with the US-based company MarkSetBot – which has come up with a product that is so intuitivesolving an age-old problem in such a smart way – that one really wonders why it took so long for someone to invent this kind of technology!

Having covered hundreds of sailing events over the years, ICARUS Sports – always at the pulse of the sport – is known for bringing the best action and sailing events to our audiences. Earlier in the year, during the Bacardi Cup Invitational Regatta in Miami, we spotted the latest innovation in yacht racing. This time, however, the improvement comes to race management instead of yachts.

Who has not been there? The only constant with the wind is that it is never stable. Setting up a racecourse and maintaining it fair and square, can be a challenge for even the most experienced race committees. More often than not, the wind changes during racing, and re-setting marks to a new wind direction requires time, resources and staff, manually moving marks and anchoring them in a new place. The latest innovation at the hands of race committees is MarkSetBot, which is reshaping the way racecourses are managed.

MarkSetBot – a clever new robotic race buoy – is fully controlled by just a smartphone or tablet. The self-propelled inflatable race marks use an electric on-board engine and employ GPS technology to zero in on a specific location and stay put until told to move.

The advantages are:

  • Fast course setup with simple map design
  • Perfect mark placement with self-correction
  • Quick remote repositioning
  • No need for an anchor in deep water or high wind

If the wind changes direction, the race committee can easily reposition the marks by just entering the new wind direction in the smartphone app and the course change happens automaticallySet it and forget it. MarkSetBot does not require mark setting boats, minimizes fuel consumption and thus the environmental impact of events, requires less staff, saves money, and best of all, leaves more time for racing!

There is a botter way for race committees to set their racecourses.

MarkSetBot can be purchased or is available for lease.

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