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HIGHLANDER Velebit is an ultimate hiking event that goes through two National parks – Northern Velebit and Paklenica. This is the 4th year HIGHLANDER Velebit will take place in Croatia from the 12th – 17th September and its trail will lead the participants on a 104km long journey. HIGHLANDER is not a race, it’s a way of connecting with nature, appreciating and nurturing our connection with it, and enjoying Velebit which is wild, but amazingly beautiful at the same time. This year 300 participants from countries such as Croatia, Italy, UK, Slovenia, Poland, Israel will live their adventure of a lifetime.

ICARUS Sports will be on the ground and will be responsible for producing a highlights videodocumentary, and for distributing raw footage for TV News Usage. Lastly, highlights from the event will be included in our monthly TV show, The Outdoor Sports Show, meaning guaranteed international exposure in more than 160 countries.

Jurica Barac, CEO at HIGHLANDER, said “HIGHLANDER is an international hiking event series founded in Croatia in 2016 with one simple goal – to bring people back to the mountains and to re-connect them with nature. HIGHLANDER adventures are already in Austria, Serbia, Greece, Croatia and Bosnia with at least five more new destinations coming in 2021. As we grow we want to spread the word about these amazing locations, a sense of adventure and reconnection with nature – therefore we decided to partner up with ICARUS Sports; with its extensive global network, sizeable experience and specialist team of professionals which will help us reach our goal! We are indeed very excited and happy about this partnership“.

Text Credits: HIGHLANDER Velebit Croatia
Photo Credits: HIGHLANDER Velebit Croatia – Predrag Vučković