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ICARUS Sports is the leading partner for many of the world’s leading sailing events, offering a range of TV production and distribution services, as well as leveraging sponsorship and marketing opportunities. ICARUS Sports has extended our package of services to live streaming. Live streaming opens up a whole new playing field for events, increasing engagement as large numbers of fans can share and interact with the experience, helping to secure a strong following and connection. Live commentary boosts the experience, as fans benefit from expert insights and entertaining know-how to provide clear and informative updates. Add in animation and GPS tracking technology, with race overlays and live leader board updates and viewers can enjoy the full experience as racing unfolds. Whether hard-core fan or newcomer, the ICARUS Sports production is clear, attractive, understandable and entertaining.

“ICARUS Sports’ live streaming service is all about offering a cost effective solution, using cutting edge, compact and easily transportable equipment to provide a high impact outcome. Since its inception in 2010, ICARUS Sports has long been at the forefront of innovation, leading the way with our service provision and once again, we are a step ahead in the live streaming marketplace,” commented Jason Georgaris, ICARUS Sports CEO, “ICARUS Sports aims to bring sailing to millions around the world, and beyond the enthusiasts,” continued Georgaris, “so we set up a platform to better present the sport and explain the race track and racing strategy. ICARUS Sports knows sailing and our on-site media crew are all sailors, so you can be sure our filming will optimize the narrative of each event.” 

Using high-end equipment, our crew follows the action from multiple angles, with footage transmitted using 4G stable bonding technologyStabilized cameras cover racing from the water, whilst drones provide an overview of the track, as well as focusing on the race defining moments. On-board cameras convey the physicality of the race, shooting close-up action of the athletes. Whatever your event environment, ICARUS Sports has the connectivity solutions to guarantee the live stream, whether to an event’s own streaming platform, social media or other.

Extending the benefit of live streaming, ICARUS Sports can create live clips for social media, instant edits for on-demand streams and post-event highlights. ICARUS Sports’ service package options are low cost and easy to deliver around the world, with no need for a special studio or other brought-in facilities.