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ICARUS Sports has wrapped up the first six months of 2019 in partnership with a myriad of outdoor sports events, showcasing athletes pushing their limits in nature’s playground.

On water, in the air, traversing mountains, through forests, deserts and cities; the outdoor sports stage hosts athletes in some of the most stunning and exciting locations in the world.

ICARUS Sports is alongside, capturing the moments as athletes experience the highs and lows of exploring their limits to be the best.

During the first half of 2019, the ICARUS Sports’ media team has travelled the globe to produce footage and manage broadcast distribution across 26 events in 11 countries.

“From aerial sports, such as climbing and paragliding, to triathlon, trail running and road racing, motor sports and water sports, ICARUS Sports is a world leader in producing and distributing outdoor sports footage,” commented Antonis Korkontzilas, ICARUS Sports Sales and Project Manager. “The unique combination of nature, athlete and passion produces captivating stories, packed with emotion and achievement as barriers are broken in the pursuit of success.”

Enjoy watching!