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ICARUS Sports has secured a new media partnership in the world of motorsports, partnering up with Griiip and the G1 Series.

The G1 series features the world’s most advanced and cost effective Formula 1000 Race Car designed by Griiip, and uses breakthrough technology to change the motorsport experience for drivers, viewers and gamers. The G1 is the first series in the world in which real races and virtual races are an integral part of the competition and scoring system, with drivers competing in both real and virtual races.

Gamers will be able to race against real G1 drivers, bringing the physical and virtual worlds together for a completely new experience

The seven-race 2019 G1 Series takes place on race circuits in northern Italy and Croatia:

  • 30-31 March – Cremona Circuit, Italy
  • 27-28 April – Varano de’ Melegari, Italy
  • 16-17 May – Autodromo Grobnik, Croatia
  • 29-30 June – Varano de’ Melegari, Italy
  • 27-28 July – Tazio Nuvolari di Cervesina, Italy
  • 28-29 September – Adria International, Italy
  • 2-3 November – Franciacorta, Italy

ICARUS Sports has been appointed to support the live and highlights production, as well as international distribution. Highlights will also feature in the motorsports TV magazine Gearing Up.

“The G1 is a thrilling series, with stunningly engineered race cars, interactive viewers’ platform, data and performance analysis,” commented Ilias Grapas, ICARUS Sports Head of Motorsport, “Real and virtual races are just some of the features that make the G1 Series so unique, and we are very excited about the projected take-up and interest.”

Photo Credits: Griiip / G1 Series