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Key broadcast partnerships with IMG and EDGEsport have been signed by ICARUS Sports for 2019.

As leaders in TV broadcast, particularly sports, these partnerships enable ICARUS Sports’ content to be shown to a global audience. For a second year, IMG and EDGEsport will broadcast all episodes of Kite Masters, as well as our brand new motorsports show Gearing Up.

The EDGEsport channel launched by IMG in 2012 is broadcast in 40 countries, reaching a total of more than 50 million households. EDGEsport is a 24/7 HD premium action sports and lifestyle channel, and the go to destination for fans to connect with the sports, athletes and lifestyles they love.

“Renewing these critical partnerships represents an important and valuable achievement for ICARUS Sports, demonstrating that the global leaders in sports broadcast trust us and support our growth,” commented Nick Dimitropoulos, ICARUS Sports Sales Director. “On land and water, ICARUS Sports is at the forefront of delivering action sports content, and our expertise in capturing the key moments and essence of a sport’s event is renowned.”