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ICARUS Sports is proud to announce the launch of their new partnership with Shanghai Media Group (SMG), one of the largest media and entertainment companies in China.

In recent years, ICARUS Sports has put considerable focus on Asia, including opening a Shanghai office in 2018, which has paved the way to achieve production and distribution expansion in the market.

SMG boasts a valuable and comprehensive business portfolio including radio, TV, newspaper and magazine traditional media outlets, TV program/drama and motion picture productions and distribution, multiplatform video distribution such as IPTV and Internet TV, and online video offerings, digital advertising, online and console gaming, TV shopping and e-commerce, live and performing arts and tourism.

In terms of media outlets, SMG currently operates 15 satellite and cable networks, including news, entertainment, sports, finance, documentary, children’s networks, which are based on a free-to-air advertising business model.

Featuring 3-5 minutes of content, ICARUS Sports’ events will be shown on a weekly prime-time slot. Content will include the best bits from sailing, outdoor and motorsports events.

“SMG is an influential media powerhouse,” commented Jason Georgaris, ICARUS Sports’ Chief Executive Officer, “and our new venture represents a landmark partnership for ICARUS Sports. SMG’s powerful network will provide a new range of opportunities and media channels for our action sports to reach a new audience.”