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With one billion daily active online users, TENCENT is China’s leading social media platform and reaches out across the Asian region. The Outdoor Sports Show is a leading monthly sports TV magazine, consumed by millions of viewers around the world.

The Outdoor Sports Show gives viewers a unique insight into the world of outdoor sports, introduces the athletes and chronicles what it takes to compete. Launched in 2016 to respond to the huge global appetite for outdoor sports, The Outdoor Sports Show now takes center stage as a leading TV magazine, covering marathon races to climbing, skiing to surfing, hiking to triathlon, sailing to cycling, hydrofoiling to motorsports, and much more.

“Complementing its multi-platform offering, TENCENT also owns WECHAT app, the largest social media platform in China with over 930 million users and The Outdoor Sports Show will be available on all TENCENT internet platforms and mobile apps,” commented Danielle Ruan, ICARUS Sports Sales & Operations Director in China.

“2018 marked the first year of ICARUS Sports’ partnership with TENCENT,” continued Ruan, “and together we achieved a huge audience and a massive growth in viewing numbers every month, delivering one of the world’s biggest audiences for The Outdoor Sports Show. Our ongoing partnership with TENCENT is another exciting outcome and success story for our worldwide distribution strategy.”