ICARUS Sports and OCR World Championship Celebrate Their Collaboration

By October 11, 2023Outdoor Sports

In an exciting development, ICARUS Sports is proud to announce its successful partnership with the OCR World Championship, one of the world’s most prestigious Obstacle Course Racing  events. This collaboration marks a significant achievement as ICARUS Sports took charge of video production and distribution for the OCR World Championship, bringing the electrifying moments of this esteemed event to audiences worldwide.

Held against the stunning backdrop of Lake Mammoth, CALIFORNIA, the OCR World Championship concluded its thrilling edition, leaving athletes and spectators alike spellbound. ICARUS Sports takes immense pride in its role in capturing the heart-pounding moments and extraordinary displays of athleticism that graced this celebrated competition.

In addition to the comprehensive video production and distribution services, ICARUS Sports is delighted to announce that the OCR World Championship will feature prominently in the upcoming season of The Outdoor Sports Show, a television series dedicated to showcasing the most enthralling outdoor sporting events from around the world.

Nikos Koutroupis, Account Manager for ICARUS Sports, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our journey with the OCR World Championship has been nothing short of exhilarating. We eagerly anticipate sharing the awe-inspiring narratives and incredible athleticism of OCR athletes with a global audience through The Outdoor Sports Show.

Photo Credits: OCR World Championship