ICARUS Sports joins forces with Extreme E

By April 22, 2020Motorsports

ICARUS Sports will be joining up with Extreme E in an exciting new collaboration. Extreme E is the brainchild of the people behind the widely popular Formula E, the former often considered as the future of motorsport. A revolutionary concept, Extreme E is a new all-electric off-road series, racing through some of the world’s most extreme environments. The inaugural race will be getting underway in January 2021:

  • Ocean – Lac Rose, Dakar, Senegal (23rd – 24th January 2021)
  • Desert – Sharaan, Saudi Arabia (5th – 6th March 2021)
  • Mountain – Kali Gandaki Valley, Nepal (14th – 15th May 2021)
  • Glacier – Kangerlussuag, Greenland (28th – 29th August 2021)
  • Rainforest – Santarem, Para, Brazil (30th – 31st October 2021)

All these locations intend to highlight specific issues brought about by climate change, the degradation of marine ecosystems (Senegal), the issue of water scarcity (Saudi Arabia), the continuing melting of mountain glaciers (Nepal), increasing Arctic warming (Greenland), and the destruction of tropical rainforests (Brazil). Racing through these locations will hopefully help to bring to light the great challenges we face by climate change, whilst also helping these declining environments and the people inhabiting them along the way.

ICARUS Sports sharing a mutual passion for motorsports coupled with a matching sense of environmental responsibility, will be joining up with Extreme E and its revolutionary vision. ICARUS Sports will be responsible for distributing a three-part documentary series in the run-up to the inaugural race, ‘How to Build a Racing Car’‘Making Tracks’, and ‘The Electric Future’.

Extreme E is putting the pedal to the metal in the fight for our environment with ICARUS Sports in the passenger seat.