ICARUS Sports Partners with Oman Desert Marathon

By December 3, 2019Outdoor Sports

ICARUS Sports is delighted to launch a brand new partnership with the Oman Desert Marathon, taking place in Oman between 15-22 November.

Taking place entirely on sand of the Omani Desert, Oman Desert Marathon provides a life-lasting experience to its participants, while also being part of the qualification stages for UTMB. Divided into 6 stages for a total of 165 km in the untouched desert, the athletes are up to a thrilling experience.

ICARUS Sports’ crew will cross the desert along with the athletes, providing a full package of services including promo videos, daily highlights videos, raw footage and interviews for tv news as well as a wrap-up documentary of the race. International media exposure will also be achieved via the inclusion of the event’s highlights in “The Outdoor Sports Show” reaching more than 160 countries worldwide.

“ICARUS Sports is very proud to be part an event known the world over” commented Manos Kampas, ICARUS Sports Sales Manager. “This will be our first time working with Oman Desert Marathon and we are very proud to be part of one of the sport’s unmissable events. The combination of competitive running and stunning scenery, positions the Oman Desert Marathon on the wish list of every runner.”

Photo Credits: Oman Desert Marathon