By March 6, 2019Outdoor Sports

An exciting new partnership between ICARUS Sports and Oman Sail kicked off in November 2018 with two premier events, Oman by UTMB and the Oman Desert Marathon.

ICARUS Sports managed distribution for both events, delivering video news releases, online media edits as well as global broadcast distribution and inclusion in The Outdoor Sports Show TV magazine.

“Oman is at the forefront of attracting world class events and delivering unique experiences for participants and fans,” commented Jason Georgaris, ICARUS Sports Chief Executive Officer. “Oman is a stunning country, offering outstanding facilities, a unique landscape and world class event delivery. Our visions are aligned, to innovate, out-perform and produce exceptional outcomes.”

The Oman By UTMB trail running race weaved its way through Oman’s mountainous interior, taking in a 137km journey and overall vertical ascent of 7800m. As the first UTMB event to take place in the Middle East, the inaugural attracted 415 runners from 57 countries to take up the endurance challenge. Setting off in the early evening darkness with head torches bobbing on their journey from Birkat Al Mawz to Al Hamra, the route took in the natural beauty of Oman. Runners navigated from the heights of Jebel Al Akhdar, peaking at over 2200m, to ancient, deserted villages, across rugged terrain, stunning ridges, plateau edges, deep wadies and narrow gorges, well off the tourist track. Victory was a tie between Jason Schlarb (USA) and Diego Pazos (SUI) who crossed the line together in a time of 20 hours, 45 minutes, 37 seconds, with Anna-Marie Watson securing the women’s title in 26 hours, 20 minutes and 27 seconds.

The Oman Desert Marathon is a gruelling ultra-race pitching runners against the desert in a week-long 165km six-stage self-supported race from the Oasis of Bidiyah to the beach finish on the Arabian sea. The sixth edition saw 69 athletes from 23 nations take up the extreme test of stamina and determination in an environment that is as remote and beautiful as it is challenging, in one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. Weighed down by backpacks, with only water provided at regular checkpoints, runners experienced a wide variety of conditions in heat close to 40c, and landscapes including steep sand dunes, palm groves and a long 42km night stage. Morocco’s Rashid Al Murabiti won each of the 6 stages to seize overall victory, with Elisabet Barnes (SWE) scooping the women’s win.

Photo Credits: OMAN by UTMB