By January 4, 2019Motorsports

From 26 December to 1 January a group of pioneering riders took on the desert sands, river oases and labyrinths of deep ditches of Southern Morocco for the E-Bike Desert Challenge.

Using electric speed and fat tyres to push their bikes through the extremes of terrain and weather with limited home comforts, this event was not for the faint-hearted, appealing to those who wanted to conquer the desert trails.

A brand new event, the E-Bike Desert Challenge offered a new kind of rally driving, as riders used GPS to guide them across the tracks of the ancient caravan, set against extraordinary scenery. The electric drive provided the speed necessary to power through the sand, and when muscle and engine power were no longer sufficient, the bike was loaded onto a camel.

“This is an adventure to inspire, heading back to the origins of rallying whilst using modern technology,” explained Jason Georgaris, ICARUS Sports’ Chief Executive Officer. “Riders had to pass through control points, and it was then up to them to choose the difficult direct line or faster longer route.”

“E-bikes are optimized for the conditions and are a game changer for the sport, as the electric power offers versatility and enables riders to tackle new challenges,” continued Georgaris. “The E-Bike Desert Challenge is totally new and offered 4 stages of fast, furious and fun adventure.”

ICARUS Sports was on the ground following the race, shooting interviews, racing action and downtime moments to capture the essence of the physical exertions, challenges and experience of the riders and support teams.

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