Marking the 4th year of continued collaboration with BT SportICARUS Sports continues to provide sports enthusiasts with countless hours of electrifying sports entertainment from major motor, water and outdoor sports events from all over the world.

BT Sports, one of the UK’s largest sports channels, reaching over five million viewers, and operating in around 180 countries, broadcasts ICARUS Sports’ monthly TV Shows, documentaries, and TV Series such as:
•    The Outdoor Sports Show 2020
•    Inside Sailing 2020
•    Sailing to Tokyo 2020
•    Gearing Up 2020
•    XTERRA Adventures 2020
•    GC32 Racing Tour TV Series 2020
•    Kite Masters 2020

For all sports lovers who are missing the great outdoors, the vast blue seas, the steamy tarmac, may open a window with ICARUS Sports’ shows and documentaries through the BT Sports network.